Day 1 - December 3rd, 2016

Toree and the babies are doing fine. She called me from the hospital about 3:45pm to tell me the Dr's had decided to take the babies today. She told me head to the hospital because they were scheduled for 8pm, but who knows what could happen. I got to the hospital at about 4:30pm.


Sure enough, the babies seemed too lethargic and the Dr's pushed the C-Section to 6pm. Toree was prepped and wheeled into the OR at 6:02pm. I was admitted to the OR at about 6:20pm and the Procedure started about 6:25pm. Toree had a very successful Spinal block put in place by Nurse Anesthetist Kevin. Toree said he was extremely nice and reassuring throughout the procedure.



6:32pm :: Christian Elijah Biggs is born 16.7in. long and 4lbs 9oz.

6:33pm :: Chloe Sarai Biggs is born 16.7in. long and 4lbs 9oz.

6:45pm :: I get to see them up close, touch and talk to them.

7:01pm :: I get to hold Chloe for the first time. Christian needs a little help breathing, do I'll wait until tomorrow to hold him. I'm so happy I can't hardly think. It's kind of a haze.